Picture of Gustavo Garufi

About Me

My name is Gustavo Enrique Garufi Avila, I'm a Italian - Venezuelan developer who has lived and traveled in quite a few place. I spent over 10 years in United States of America, 13 in Venezuela, 2 in Malta and looking to add new places to my list

As a developer I have proficiency in creating website frontends. I specialize in making minimalist styled designs. I've worked with WordPress, Figma, Node.js, etc. and am always looking for more tools to add to my list.

My ideal workflow is with the tools I feel more confortable with though. These are things like Photoshop, PHPStorm, Youtrack (for agile development) and preprocesors such as SASS and Jade.js to code as efficiently as possible, without cutting corners in quality.

If I had to list some of my abilities, I’ll would consider my strongest:

  • Responsive design
  • Agile development habits
  • Git versioning workflow

What I offer

Code Maintenance

Focusing on what maters, making a websites clean means you not only get better SEO rankings, you get more compatibility across devices.

Organic Traffic

With good SEO practices you can generate organic web traffic. More leads, more conversions. More conversions, more revenue.

Ship internationally

With my experience in localization across Europe, we can be able to deploy our projects across the world.

User Manageable

Want to be able to configure your site? Whether it's new or old, Ask about the possibility for having a CMS on your site.

Want to work with me?

If you wish to work with me and have me look at your website, you can organize a consultation and reach me at my contact page.